07 Jun

Well, it had to happen eventually, but I did not expect it to happen only now when I am days away of returning to the UK. That”s right folks, this journey was when I ran into and more importantly spoke to a Trump Republican!

Earl was in his late 70s, a lifetime Republican and had voted for King Tuten-Conman in 2016. Across the breakfast table in the dining car, he told me that he considered himself a moderate Republican. The late great Robin Williams once defined a moderate Republican as “a Volvo with a Gun Rack” and looking at Earl, I could not see him driving a vehicle that gave the impression he was preparing to invade Mexico. 4 x 4s aside, his speech and his demeanour was very dignified and educated and he admitted that he would be a reluctant Trump supporter if he won next year”s primary, but he could not bring himself to vote for a Democrat, especially Biden. 

Speaking with Earl showed just how deep the rift between Democrats and Republicans has become. It has reinforced my belief that if Trump does become the Republican nominee and then fails to win the presidency, his dingaling supporters could see this as a call to arms and may be end up in a second American civil war. One more reason why it was necessary for me undertake the USA trip in 2023 rather than next year ….

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