02 May

Number 1: AMTRAK trains are ALWAYS delayed – use the AMTRAK app to check when the train will be arriving. 

Number 2: Tipping the car attendant staff is not just appreciated, it is expected, so bring plenty of $1 and $2 bills. 

Number 3: Call the car attendant to get them to either make up / take down your bed and the reverse the next morning. 

Number 4: Don’t rely on the Wi-Fi – it is patchy at best and the speeds are not that good (when there is any at all !!!). Bring some movies to watch with you if possible.

Number 5: Bring snacks – there is not always a dining car (although bottled water is always provided for free) for the long journeys. 

Number 6: Ideally, bring both a blanket and a pillow, it can get very cold at night in the roomette. 

Number 7: If you have trouble sleeping, bring both ear plugs and a sleep shade. 

Number 8: Take a small roll of duct tape – it may sound crazy, but you will be glad you did on one of your trips! 

Number 9: Bring a power adapter and a retractable extension cable – some power sockets are inconveniently located. 

Number 10: Take either over-sized safety pins or hooks with suckers to hang things on the wall for easy access. 

Number 11: Even if you have booked a roomette, make sure you go and explore the train, especially the observation car. 

Number 12: To get glare free pictures, remember to hold the lens right up to the window (clean the window first though). 

Number 13: Arrive with plenty of time to check out the stations themselves, some are over 100 years old and or boast some truley stunning architecture!

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